The AFRICA HOPE CENTER, in Nairobi, is a Kenyan based grassroots response to the HIV/AIDS orphan crisis.  Since 2005, we have been restoring hope, purpose and destiny to more than 100 orphans who have lost both parents to AIDS.  The AFRICA HOPE CENTER fosters the holistic development of each child by providing spiritual mentoring, education, food, and clothing, shelter, in a loving and compassionate environment.

We invite you to become a part of the AFRICA HOPE CENTER family as we bring healing and transformation to the lives of these children.  We encourage you to browse this website and consider partnering with us in shaping the destiny of many Kenyan orphans.



Reasons for coming to the Center


Nancy Waihumbi & David Gitau Story

Nancy and David were born on 18/02/2008 in Kigumo, Muran’ga District. They were born to Paul Gitau Mwangi and Rebecca Wainjiru Mwangi, in a family of 10 siblings.

The father fell sick and was diagnosed with cardio respiratory due to HIV and acute meningitis. After long spell of illness, his health had seriously deteriorated and could not fend for the family any longer. He succumbed to the killer disease in 2007 leaving the mother pregnant with the twins and with 8 other kids to fend for. At this time the mother had also tested HIV positive and was on ARV. She also died later in 2009, leaving behind Nancy and the twin brother when they were only one year old.

The huge responsibility of taking care of this huge family was left on the shoulders of the older siblings, Teresia who was 24 at the time, and the eldest brother Henry who was only 21. The responsibility was too much for them such that the two were overwhelmed, resulting to Henry becoming an alcoholic in his attempt to relieve depression.

The auntie, Emma came in after hearing of constant stories of neglect and abuse. She assisted the situation as much as she could by taking some of the kids but it overwhelmed her because she had her own children to fend for. Auntie Emma concluded that the best option for these kids was finding a place they could get care and support. She managed to secure a place for three siblings in a Children Home in Murang’a. She later came to hear about Africa Hope Center new kids admission in December 2014, this was at a point she was almost giving up hope of ever securing a good home for Nancy and David.

The demise of the parents and the subsequent change of guardianship have adversely affected the welfare of Nancy and David at a very tender age and in their foundation stage. They were both admitted in Africa Hope Center on 30/12/2014 and enrolled in Pre Unit class at C.M.F Excellent Education Center.

The link bellow will connect you to a video of more stories on the background of some other kids before and even after joining the Center.


The care from the Center

Ø  Body hygiene

Ø  Well balanced food

Ø  Education

Ø  Clothing

Ø  Clean and favorable environment

Ø  Shelter

Challenges experienced by the Center in transforming the newly admitted kids

The newly admitted kinds take time to change from the emotional challenges they have undergone due to the loss of their parents. The care giver within the Center ensures proper therapeutic relationship with the Kids until they are relieved from the emotional challenges.

Same kids are admitted knowing mother tongue as the only language, the care givers trained them to verbalize in English and this has triumphant and of about 90% spoke fluent English.

Others are admitted without knowing on how dress up by themselves, what they get to learn within the Center through their care givers who showed them on how to dress up and to take shower.