This is my story

Yvonne before coming to the Center

Yvonne was born on 5th March 2011 to Jane Muthoni Ngari. The young girl is a resident of Njumbi location, in Mathioya Sub County in Murang’a County. She has a sister who is currently in 11th grade and has been raised and educated by well wishers. She used to visit their home in Njumbi  from time to time.


The mother had been diagnosed with HIV and was on ARV drugs but in 2016 her condition started deteriorating, she finally passed on in January 2017. The entire time that the Yvonne’s mother was bed ridden the exited the program in 2016 after finishing 12th grade.

Yvonne dressed ready for school

Yvonne joined the Center in January and was enrolled in CMF Excellent Education Center. She is currently in Nursery and has been fairing on well. The young girl came in speaking in her mother tongue, which is Kikuyu dialect. Over time she has learnt how to speak and write in English and Kiswahili. The transformation evident for the short time that Yvonne has been in the Center. It’s our hope that she will get sponsorship to attain her dreams.

Week one after Yvonne joined the Center

young girl was not going to school, she had to stay home to take care of the mother. The sad part of her story was that she had to move from one home to another begging for food.


The situation became unbearable for the young girl when the mother passed on. She had no one to care and look after her. This was the time the uncle who is a small scale farmer started seeking for help. He was referred to the Center by one of the Center alumni called Charity. The young lady