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Africa Hope Center is a grass root initiative that was initially established to make intervention to orphans affected and infected by HIV/AIDS in Africa. The home opened its door to the first 5 orphans in January 2005 as a response to the crisis of kids losing their parents to HIV/AIDS one after another. The kids were residing in a two bedroom apartment with one house mother. The Home had another intake in 2007 where the population grew to 23 kids.

Since inception, we have admitted over 152 orphans. Some of them have become independent and resourceful to their communities thanks to the great support from people of goodwill.

Our orphans are spread through primary school, high school and tertiary.

The Center was founded by Bishop Dr. Joseph Wamutitu and runs its operations through a Board of Trustees. The society has a sacred responsibility in mitigating the suffering brought about by HIV/AIDS to the countless orphans all over the world. Dreams have been crushed: talents wasted; potential buried in hopelessness as they ravage, yet many people have chosen to watch from a distance as innocent orphans suffer rejection, stigma and wasted ability. AHC provides unequaled opportunity for you to put a smile on the face of an orphan as you shape their future through HOPE. HIV/AIDS afflict both the adults and children.




Education for Children

Education is a pillar in a child's life, the Center has scholars in Primary School (play group, pre- primary one, pre - primary two, 1st to 8th grade) Secondary School (9th to 12th grade) and Tertiary Training

Food & Nutrition

The Center provides 3 meals in a day for the children. Hygiene, proper portions and balanced diet are aspects observed in our food preparation and serving.

Health Care

Health Care for growing children is of great essence. The Center has partnered with a government hospital. Our children are able to access health care services when need arises.

Donate for Children

The Center has been able to bring change and transformation in the life of orphans due to the support we have received from our partners, one time donors and well wishers. You can join us today and be part of the change in an orphans life.


The Center aims at raising the orphans in a holistic manner. The Center host several activities which include; Children birthdays (on monthly basis) Psycho-social activities, Christmas Party ( at the end of each year, each child receives a present) among others.

Home for Orphans

Africa Hope Center owns a beautiful and spacious home for the orphans, where we moved in 2012. The home construction has 4 phases and phase 1 is complete. The other phases will commence once we secure financing.

A laugh, to be joyous, must flow from a joyous heart, for without
kindness, there can be no true joy.



Support a needy orphan today.



13 Years Ago

The Center opened it’s door to needy orphans in 2005.


Over 152 Children

The Center has admitted 152 children into the program since inception.



Both in High School & Primary school.


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