Africa Hope Center

Africa Hope Center is a grass root initiative making intervention to those affected and infected by HIV/AIDS in Africa. The home opened its door to the first 5 orphans in January 2005 as a response to the crisis of kids losing their parents to HIV/AIDS one after another. The kids were residing in a two bedroom apartment with one house mother. The Home had another intake in 2007 where the population grew to 23 kids. The home is currently taking care of 57 kids and has admitted 152 kids since inception. The orphans are spread through primary school, high school and tertiary. 23 are in primary school, 32 in High school, 2 in Tertiary training.

The Center was founded by Bishop Dr. Joseph Wamutitu and runs its operations through a Board of Trustees. The society has a sacred responsibility in mitigating the suffering brought about by HIV/AIDS to the countless orphans all over the world. Dreams have been crushed: talents wasted; potential buried in hopelessness as they ravage, yet many people have chosen to watch from a distance as innocent orphans suffer rejection, stigma and wasted ability. AHC provides unequaled opportunity for you to put a smile on the face of an orphan as you shape their future through HOPE. HIV/AIDS afflict both the adults and children


Board of Trustee

AHC Board of Trustees at the Center


    1. Nairobi County
    2. Murang’a County
    3. Kisumu County
    4. Kakamega County
    5. Kitui County
    6. Nakuru County
    7. Kiambu County
    8. Meru County


—  Diversity

—  Accountability

—  Best interest of children

—  Excellence

—  Sustainability


—  Adding two floors on the current Empowerment Center in Kayole

—  Establishing a computer lab and a library

—  Exited kids to join universities and colleges

—  Admitting more Kids



—  The vision of AHC is to give hope and dignity to orphans in Africa.


—  To provide hope and dignity for the orphans by providing  basic needs ( food, clothing and shelter and quality education) in a safe loving and empowering environment.


—  Establishing Empowerment Centers (Children’s Homes)

—  Providing support and counseling services to the orphans

—  Empowering the orphans  through education, vocational training and Micro- Enterprise Development (MED) services

—  Advocacy and community sensitization through interactive and preventive awareness campaigns.


—  Moving the kids out of Nairobi Empowerment Center to a more spacious

place where they can learn life skills ie farming, rabbit rearing, daily farming etc

—  Establishing Empowerment Centers in other towns in Kenya and Africa at large


—  Acquiring land 0.025 hectares in Kayole

—  Construction of an Empowerment Center in Kayole (though incomplete)

—  Moving from a rented apartment to our own premise in 2012

—  Admitting 145 kids at the Center in 12 years

—  Attaining Scholarship from foundations such as Equity wings to Fly, Global Education Fund and LAGOS Scholarship

—  Our kids joining National schools such as Pangani Girls, St. Georges among other good schools

—  Four of our scholars are continuing students in the university (through private sponsorship)



—  Inadequate financial support towards our programs ie Home Based Program, Secondary School etc

—  Reconciling some of our kids with their relatives.

—  Rehabilitating some of the kids who have gone through very severe emotional difficulties after the loss of their parents

—   Constrained budget making the completion of empowerment Center in Kayole to halt for a long period